The USA is a vast land displaying some of the most spectacular scenery such as the Grand Canyon and Niagara Falls diverging into the tropical wetlands of the Florida Everglades and the climatic extremes of Death Valley. 

Try your luck at spotting that Hollywood heartthrob, or a spot of luxury shopping down Rodeo Drive ‘Walk of Style’ in Beverly Hills.  A popular pastime for many - embarking on that 'lifetime experience’ road trip across the States - in an ultimate American muscle car, or the armchair of bikes the Harley Davidson.  A shorter, but equally enjoyable drive may also appeal, if wine is your tipple, then California’s Napa Valley is the place to head for a sample tasting. 

Born to be amused - from an early age youngsters are packed off to summer camps to enjoy all manner of outdoor pursuits - by golly there’s so many Disney Worlds and Disneyland theme parks, it’s hard to keep your feet on the ground and off a roller coaster.  Even the grown ups have to be entertained - say hello to the playgrounds of Las Vegas - but then America just loves to have fun!

On the Eastern Seaboard you may wish to reflect on the political situation outside the White House and who wouldn’t want to "light up their life" with a visit to Times Square - often topping the charts for World’s Most Visited Tourist Attraction - there’s nothing like the buzz of the Big Apple to make you feel alive!

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