Australia, the land down under, really needs no introduction as it is on most people’s wish list to visit, and a firm favourite for roaming backpackers to head towards; landing in a refreshingly raw, rugged and largely unspoilt panorama of phenomenal proportions.  Of course, you have to delve a bit deeper than Sydney; often the tourist’s first port of call, all shiny and new, with it’s iconic Opera House and illustrious harbour.  However, not so very far and still in the state of New South Wales you will find the Blue Mountains and what a find.  So named for the characteristic blue haze, a mixture of sunlight and drops of oil from the eucalypts, that blankets this breathtaking landscape. 

Surfers Paradise embodies the beach culture which is the very essence of Aussie life, long established on the Gold Coast.  Follow this coastline north and the world’s largest coral reef lies before you, the Great Barrier Reef.  You can’t miss it even from outer space, it is the biggest single structure made by living organisms on Earth.  In fact, there’s a lot that’s big about Australia.  Fraser Island is well worth popping across on the ferry to see - the largest sand island in the world - with rainforests, mangroves and over 100 fresh water lakes.  The enormous sandstone rock formation known as Uluru or Ayers Rock, dominates the skyline in the centre, and then there’s those largest of all living reptiles, the Saltwater Crocs!

There is an earthiness about this continent that gets under your skin.  Native or tourist, one thing we all share is a mutual appreciation for a country rich in minerals and outstanding natural wonders.  For all who have tasted, a bounty to relish. 

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