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22nd November, 2016 | Article By Wander With Jo

Snorkeling is said to be an experience unlike any other. Captivating, thrilling, exciting and beautiful, words cannot describe this underwater adventure. Snorkeling can open up an entire new world for you. If you have the courage and expertise to dive deep, then you can easily take your tropical holiday to a new level. Here we have ranked some of the best snorkeling spots from around the world for you to dip below the surface and explore.

1) The Galapagos

The Galapagos islands are home to many charming destinations, but nothing can compare with the incredible experience of snorkeling with the sea lions, known as the clowns of the sea. The journey involves travel to the island of Santa Cruz and then to Puerto Ayora town. A scenic boat ride to Plaza Sur brings you to the home of thousands of sea lions. Simply jump into the shallow waters and revel in the company of juvenile pups frolicking with curiosity as they approach you for a better look. The adult male and females, though, keep a constant eye on them as they perform their swirling routines in your honor.

2) Norman Reef, Australia

As the ultimate snorkeling destination, the Great Barrier Reef has few peers. A part of this beautiful expanse of water, Norman reef is located 70 km off the very edge of the reef along the continental shelf. At the time you hop off the boat in the shallow sandy patches, you will observe, from your perfect vantage point, the garden moray eels. These extraordinary creatures dwell in the staghorn thickets among the abundant coral cover.

3) Kauai Island

The beauty of Kauai is unmatched, whether you view it from above, from the land or beneath the water. The coastline is so varied that it changes with each curve. With a plethora of fantastic reefs close to the shore, it is easy to understand why snorkeling is a top activity here. Places like Ke’e beach have a protective lagoon that safeguards from the strong incoming swell. You can swim to the outer reefs, viewing spectacular marine life along the way. Anini, Queen’s pond, Poipu and the Napali coast are all world class snorkelling spots in Kauai.

4) The Maldives

Boasting of 1,192 islands, a majority of which are less populated, the waters around the Maldives are home to almost 3000 reefs. Most of these are easily accessible from the shore, and hold a variety of marine life like sea turtles, dolphins and the famous manta rays. This place is the world’s best underwater location for taking photos and filming in Hanifaru bay, especially, between May and November, when a massive concentration of manta rays can be seen feeding on the plankton that tends to collect here.

5) Zanzibar

The UNESCO world heritage architecture, the lush green forests and pristine beaches of Zanzibar, can only be compared with the underwater treasures it holds. A number of shipwrecks, beyond Stone town, attract a host of marine creatures, which can be seen in great visibility. This is due to a constant water temperature of 27 degrees Celsius, which dissipates the growth of algae. The reefs of the neighboring islands of Murogo and Nyange have large coral formations, which attract large schools of colorful fish.

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