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20th February, 2018 | Article By Lesley Tan

Miri City, Sarawak, Malaysia (In Borneo) is now an upcoming centre for many areas including: Tourism, Sports, Businesses, Music Events & Festivals, Restaurants, Cafes and Bars.

We now have Miri Marina, in a totally new ‘reclaimed land’ area off Miri which includes: a marina jetty or pier, a new park, stretches of beach, loads of new shops and even a new river mouth.

Marina Jetty is very scenic with a great mix of huge Super Yachts and smaller sailing boats from all over the world. The surrounding areas are still being developed.

The bay headland with the iconic ‘Seahorse Tower’ is situated on reclaimed land and is a very popular place for joggers, people like me who love to take photos of the sunsets, people who just want to relax and chill-out (usually in the evenings because of the daytime heat), and people who want to eat and drink as there are numerous food and drink stalls. Of course there is also the fabulous views of the coast and the Miri City lights to take in too which is somewhat dominated by The Seahorse which stands out. The seahorse is now a symbol of Miri and it can be seen on many roundabouts and signs in and around Miri itself. There is a magnificent ‘Balinese’ style building popularly called ‘Coco Cabana’ which can be hired for private functions, exhibitions and food and drink outlets. It backs directly onto the wide-open South China Sea. Its huge car-park is ideal for themed events like food carnivals and street-hawker food stalls.

The near complete park is extremely popular, especially with the ever increasing population of joggers, walkers and cyclists enjoying their local surroundings. And yes, there is a ‘Cycle Track’. There are fountains, long benches, stepped areas leading to what could be used as an open-air stage which could be used for future musical, staged, or community events and competitions of many kinds. Last year Miri hosted its first ‘Countdown to 2018’ at this venue. The important food and drink outlets with proper toilet facilities are also almost complete. The sunset views from the beach are excellent. Some of the toilets actually face out to The South China Sea so you can wash your hands AND take in the view at the same time!

Opposite the park on the landward side is Marina ParkCity Commercial Centre which is an area full of newish eateries, bars, gyms, convenience stores, home stays or inns and other attractions. It also houses the very first Robotic Steamboat restaurant in Miri.  A private hospital will be built here too. These shops and houses are also built on reclaimed land.

Miri is on the brink of an explosive expansion programme and it is exciting to imagine what will be coming up next!

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