Finding Peace : Temple Trail in Gokarna

27th October, 2015 | Article By Srijalism

Gokarna, a place popular for its untouched beaches, unexplored islands and rich history! A place which is of prime importance in accordance to Hindu religion but a place where all religions cease to exist – and a new religion starts to take over – and the new religion is termed as PEACE.

You call it freedom.  We call it Gokarna!

Story of Gokarna : According to legend

Once upon a time (yes, it always has to start with “once upon a time..”) Ravana went all the way to Lord Shiva in order to obtain the divine Atmalingam. Ravana wanted this Lingam for his mother who was an ardent worshipper of Lord Shiva. Ravana went all the way to Mount Kailash to perform ‘Tapasya’ (worship) for Lord Shiva. The lord was eventually pleased with all his devotional worship and decided to gift him with the Lingam (source of infinite energy). Shiva gifted this to Ravana only on one condition…

The condition being that Ravana shouldn’t place the Shivalinga on the ground. Once grounded none would be able to lift it back up! Ravana was well on his way towards Lanka unaware of what Lord Ganesha had in store for him. Ganesha disguised himself as a child and presented himself before Ravana. Ravana went to attend ‘nature’s call’ and asked Ganesha to take care of the Shivalinga until he returned. He also advised Ganesha to not place it on the ground.

Ganesha cheated and placed the Linga on the ground. And as conditioned, once grounded no one could uplift the Shiva Linga! Upon his return, Ravana tried his level best but the Linga didn’t even move an inch. And this is the reason why the temple is referred to as the “Mahabaleshwar Temple”.

About The Trail

The trail started as soon as we stepped out of Gokarna bus stand. The plan was to reach Kudle beach and look out for lodgings. We decided to walk and covered those 2.7 kms.


Maha-Ganapati temple which is very near to the Mahabaleshwar temple.  The epic Mahableshwar temple – from the balcony of our lodge. And you wouldn’t believe if I tell you that we stayed as cheap as Rs. 500 for 2 people per day!  Notice one picture resembles the Shiva-linga! It’s the Om beach.

Feel the divine atmosphere all around Gokarna!  Gokarna surprised me. Gokarna amazed me. The fact that it is connected to so many Gods in one place, made me ponder about the richness of our culture.

By Srijalism

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