Valley of Fire Nevada State Park

29th February, 2016 | Article By Novi Adventure Tours

Valley of Fire is a really tiny but beautiful Nevada State Park. Most of the tourists pass by on Interstate 15 traveling toward Utah from Las Vegas. But this is a big mistake for nature lovers especially those interested in seeing the awesome Aztec Sandstone which is very similar to the Navajo Sandstone. You will be able to see countless different shapes of rock formation, and the colors: pink, red, purple, yellow, orange, white – just gorgeous! Here you can find the Nevada Wave, Elephant Rock, Rainbow Vista, Balanced Rock, White Domes, Beehive, Atlatl Rock (full of petroglyphs), Arch Rock and so on.

Guys please be aware, if you leave your car anywhere on the road shoulders, you will be fined by the Park Rangers. I really don’t understand why, but they are extremely strict about this, so make sure you use the designated parking areas!

The best period of the day to take photos is between 2 and 3 pm but be warned the Summer sun is hot at this time, so plenty of sun screen and dress accordingly!

By Novi Adventure Tours

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