Kampong Siwa Jaya

8th July, 2015 | Article By Chang Yi

For many generations this place has been home to the Jati Miriek people, a very small ethnic minority group. These coastal, Islamic people have given their name to the city of Miri in the 1900’s, when oil explorers discovered oil here. Miri was originally settled by these people at the Miri river mouth.

The Jati Miriek continue to occupy much of the riverine land. They are also found in Kampong Padan Kerbau (Cow Field Village), besides Kampong Siwa Jaya. The photo of the cottage shown, is of a typical Jati Miriek house.

The River Sewa or Siwa drains the hilllock of Kampong Siwa Jaya. On both its banks are nipah palms, making it a very interesting boating place – crocodiles have been found in the river.

Kampong Siwa Jaya has a lovely, popular homestay called Tree Tops Lodge. One can really unwind in this cosy, countryside cottage, enjoying local fruits like mangoes, rock melons, water melons, rambutans, durians, and long walks.

By Chang Yi

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