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26th September, 2017 | Article By Marwell Zoo

A visit to Marwell Wildlife is a chance to get close to the wonders of the natural world – and play a big part in helping to save them. From ring-tailed coatis to elegant giraffe – our 140-acre park is home to an incredible range of exotic and endangered species, in beautiful, landscaped surroundings.

Experience the African wilderness first hand in our biggest exhibit to date – ‘Wild Explorers’.
Visitors are immersed in the animals’ environment as they take in some incredible views of white rhino, zebra and scimitar-horned oryx. The exhibit provides a range of entertaining activities, both indoors and out, focussed on discovery, learning and the natural history of these magnificent creatures. Marwell is actively involved in conserving these three species so its setting and design reveals how we study and observe these animals in the wild.

Explore Marwell Zoo and get closer to the wonders of the natural world. Marwell Zoo is owned by Marwell Wildlife, a world renowned, action oriented charity leading conservation programmes in the UK and Africa. Find out more about our conservation work.

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