Grand Canyon – Flying without Wings

27th February, 2015 | Article By Cass

Las Vegas, the reason for my trip was not the gambling, as I prefer to see something for my dollars instead of laying my money on the table and crossing my fingers. I had always wanted to see the Grand Canyon although my fear of heights had always left me hesitant about going, but I finally decided to take the plunge and I am so grateful I did.

I booked a cheap deal which included half board at the Caesars Palace and a flight which was longer than, say a direct flight with Virgin Atlantic but it all depends on your budget. Caesars Palace, although a little dated compared to some of the newer hotels was inviting, with extremely helpful and friendly staff who made our stay delightful.  The food served was mouth watering – I just looooved the fact that you could eat in the hotel 24 hours a day.  Normally, I am not keen on my vegetables, but I found the flavours just so appetising and the steaks were to die for.

I bought a ticket for the helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon from outside the hotel through a street vendor, which is something I would not normally do, but the helicopters that the company Papillon used, had windows at the back as well as the front, so  I knew I would get a clear view from wherever I was seated.

Still wondering at whether I had made the correct decision as the helicopter took off wavering from side to side, and slightly concerned about how much experience our young pilot, who looked 10 years old, could possibly have, my eyes were closed shut!  Once we were up, my confidence grew and I managed to open my eyes to the most breathtaking views I had ever seen.  Our young pilot was quite adventurous and decided to soar above the other helicopters and the scenes were spectacular.  Pictures will never do justice to how you feel when you are looking at a view so amazing, but if you are ever in Vegas please hold some money back for a helicopter trip to this remarkable landmark, you will not be disappointed.

By Cass

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