7 Delicious Signature Foods of Australia

22nd October, 2015 | Article By Candice Larson

Australia has no shortage of incredible food because the country is filled with world-standard restaurants and innovative cafes all around its various cities. If you are travelling around Australia, and hanging around with some locals, you would be able to taste the country’s iconic food and some of ther favourite cuisines.

Aussies always claim to have wonderful food creations. Whether at a family Christmas feast or just summer, Australians enjoy foods that suit a laid-back lifestyle that will definitely tantalise your taste buds while travelling.

Below are some of the best and unique foods you can get while staying in Australia:


Named after the ballerina Anna Pavlova, the good old pav still sits proudly on the dinner table. Pavlova is plate-sized meringue with a soft centre, classically topped with whipped cream and passion fruit pulp, perhaps kiwi fruit and fresh berries and occasionally Peppermint Crisp.

Barbecued Shrimp

Cliche though it may be, no other nation does barbecues like they do Down Under – good beer, great ingredients and better weather.


Walk into any burger bar or restaurant in Australia and ask for “the lot” and watch in horror/delight as they pile on just about everything in the kitchen. Usually: cheese, bacon, pineapple, beetroot, a beef tomato and lettuce. Then the last thing to add, the sauces! Burgers, just like a chur burger Made by the Hill, do not have a standard recipe, but there is always a perfect patty recipe, ready for you to load up with whatever your Aussie mates demand.

Australian prawns

Whether you like barbecued king prawns livened with a simple squeeze of lemon or a retro prawn cocktail in a glass, seafood is another wonder of Australia’s natural riches.

Meat pies

The great Aussie meat pie has long held pride of place in the affections of Australians, both young and old. First records of the Aussie meat pie come from early colonial days, when they were sold by vendors from street-carts – most famously by the Flying Pieman whose athletic feats are the stuff of legend. Nowadays meat pies are ubiquitous, found in sports club canteens, service stations and gourmet bakeries. The meat and gravy-filled, flaky pastry case has earned its place in Australian culture, and the ‘Official Great Aussie Pie Competition’ has been a national event since 1990.


There are many versions of the lamington’s origin, a sponge cake dipped in chocolate icing and rolled in desiccated coconut. The lamington can be found in every true-blue Australian bakery and features in almost every CWA (Country Women’s Association) recipe book, as a way of using up imperfect or stale sponge cake.


Visit Italian restaurants in Perth, Sydney and Canberra and one will discover higher-welfare Australian beef all over the place, and it is quite something.  Judging by how it flies out of the kitchens every service, the Aussies love their perfect prime cut steak!

By Candice Larson

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