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10th November, 2015 | Article By Lesley Tan

One of our favourite places to eat right here in Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia, is Sunset Steamboat Bar-B-Q and Grill. It is located in an area named Mors Jaya, which is minutes away from Miri International Airport. We went there last night and had a fabulous time eating and drinking.

This great place is run by Henry and Josephine and they do their best to make everyone feel at home. Sunset Steamboat Bar-B-Q and Grill is not just a SteamBoat restaurant, it also serves ‘western’ and other local food as well, so they cater for all tastes!

For those of you who have never tried a SteamBoat, it is basically a pot of deliciously tasting soup in the middle with a grill around the outside which is the BBQ part. At Sunset the price is set and you just go up and choose however much food you like from the wide selection available. Then, take it back to your SteamBoat and either cook it in your soup, or grill it around the side. Basically, you take all you can eat (best not to over do it). The more you cook the more delicious the soup becomes! There is always a friendly member of staff to top up the level of the soup if it gets too low. There are choices of all kinds of raw vegetables, salad, raw meats and fish not to mention, mushrooms, beancurds, noodles and a whole lot more. Take it back to your SteamBoat, cook it and eat it!

There are many condiments to go with this great meal, my favourites are chopped fresh garlic and a mix of garlic, vinegar and chopped chillies – very nice. I love to scoop out loads of veg, mushrooms, beancurd and fishballs and a few scoops of the lovely soup, then add the garlic and chilly mix. My husband loves the Grill around the side and usually has the prawns, crab, fish, beef, chicken, lamb or pork nicely sizzling away on it. You cook your own food and can replenish your plates as much as you like. Topped with refreshing cans of ice-cold Tiger beer, you are sure to return again and again!

To finish off your meal there is a choice of different flavoured ice-creams.

This is a totally different way of cooking, and in a way, closely related to the Fondue.

Sunset SteamBoat has recently added to their menu, so you can now have a BBQ and other Grill items to vary your meals. Their bar is well stocked and the beer always comes out in a ‘Beer Bucket’ very well chilled, which is just what the doctor ordered.

If you are in Miri, pay Sunset Steamboat Bar-B-Q and Grill a visit, I’m sure you won’t regret it.

Photos by Lesley Tan and Henry Bansberg

By Lesley Tan

Lesley Tan
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