Magnetic Island – one reason to visit Townsville

5th September, 2017 | Article By TravelBreakout

Strolling through the market on the beautiful beach at Horseshoe Bay, taking in the sun, ocean breeze, and sounds of people browsing the market filling my ears as I search for a souvenir of my time in Townsville.

Walking along finding interesting displays of handcrafted jewellry, sun catches and sarongs with the wafting smell of local food in the air. Taking my time, enjoying the moment and with the additional pleasure of a massage bed set up offering Swiss massages how could one refuse, shoulder muscles being kneaded with sand and salt in the air, perfect.

You will leave Magnetic Island relaxed, calm and rejuvenated.

It takes only 20 mins by Sealink Ferries from Townsville to Magnetic Island.

Once you arrive on the island there is transport that will take you to the different areas of the island. The island offers many activities including diving at the Yongala famous shipwreck, Koala sanctuary, Bus/Segway tours, Boat Charters, Guided Sea Kayak tours, Jetski Tours and 4wd jeep tours.

There are lots of walking treks to enjoy including The Forts Walk and Nelly Bay to Arcadia and many beaches to explore including the four main residential beaches: Horseshoe Bay, Nelly Bay, Picnic Bay, Geoffrey Bay and Arcadia Bay.

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