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11th January, 2016 | Article By Flystein

Flystein is an online platform where travelers receive consulting services about the best and cheapest flights from top experts. Our team of the best flight hackers have spent years mastering skills and they know very well how to save on air travel.

• Why Flystein? What was the motivation behind it?

Both of us, the founders, have travelled to more than 100 countries in the last few years. We have saved a lot on flights for ourselves and were also helping friends and their friends to save money on flights. Over time such requests grew considerably and helping others started taking too much time. We started wasting time more as some of these first “clients” were changing their plans or were just daydreaming about travelling. It was time to take it to a new level.

After a few months of brainstorming, coding and going through the network of flight hackers, we launched Flystein, where we brought together the best flight experts from around the world covering most timezones, ready to help clients actually ready to book and save on flights.

• What sort of customers do you primarily target? (solo/group/corporates)

Mostly independent travellers who fly a lot and small/medium size businesses. But we welcome any kind of clients from students and back packers to First Class flyers. We have started working with businesses on a long term basis and we plan to offer additional personalised services.

• Are Flystein experts similar to travel agents?

Flystein experts are not legacy travel agents (TAs). TAs often take commission/kickbacks from airlines and, therefore, are interested to sell more expensive fares/airlines.

Flystein experts are travel agents for the 21st century: they search hundreds of travel sites, use professional tools and special saving strategies, and are only interested to help their clients save as much as possible and make them happy, because happy clients are likely to recommend Flystein to their friends. Experts are only paid a fixed fee when they provide real savings on BeatMyPrice requests.

• What are your plans going forward?

We see great potential in the travel market for small businesses and early stage startups. These are people who need to travel but they still know the value of money. We are currently trialling a corporate concierge service with a couple of small businesses and our plan is to reinforce our position in this market.

Also we are constantly analyzing feedback from customers and experts and research new ways of making expert-customer interactions more seamless and easy. We’ve been making small changes to our app practically every week since the launch and we will continue to do so.

We also have several partnerships in development including some major meta-search sites and digital nomad communities.

Come fly with us!

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