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Discover the best restaurants in the Netherlands. Sign up for free. Make a reservation online – after your meal, make a short review – how you like the food, the service, the atmosphere and price quality ratio, using your Smart phone or tablet and receive immediate discount.

Dinnerdiscoverate is a unique new concept. Users easily find the best restaurants in the neighbourhood because all users, after eating, make a review of their meal.

How does it work? You create a free account. You make an online reservation at the best Dutch restaurants in your area. After dinner you make a short assessment through your smart phone or tablet. After this calculation you will receive a discount in exchange for your review.

Because many people make a review, a clear picture is created of where you can find the best restaurants.

Restaurant “de Aardige Pers” (literally meaning the Kind Persian) Is located on the 2nd Hugo Groot straat 13B in Amsterdam. It is a cozy traditional Persian restaurant. “De Aardige Pers” combines oriental hospitality with high quality food at a surprisingly low price. With passion, they strive to treat guests to a tasty meal in an atmosphere of friendliness and uniqueness. The operation is always ready to advise you in your choice, from the wide range of unique Persian dishes on the menu.

Photos included in this post were taken at “de Aardige Pers” in the beautiful city of Amsterdam.

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