Reaching the summit of Mont Ventoux

25th September, 2019 | Article By Kathy Bailey

I will never forget this moment! Reaching the summit of Mont Ventoux in August 2014, one of the famous Tour de France mountains.

I have a bit of arthritis in my knees, back and hips and for the sake of improving my health took up cycling again 5 yrs ago aged 48 – Mont Ventoux was my first big climb.  Not a fast time at 3 hrs 20 mins but still, non-stop cycling at an average of 6mph (not very Tour de France I know :-/).  Absolutely so delighted to reach the top, as my expression will testify!

Went on to climb some other well known mountains including: Col de Vars, The Telegraph, Col du Glandon (ooh very hard), Col d’Allos, Col d’Izoard, Lautaret, Galibier and Alpe d’Huez.  The climbs were between 15 and 28 kms and generally averaged 7%.  The countryside was amazing, the descent from Col de Vars made me cry, it was so beautiful!

Our tour guides were David, Jen and Carrie from Polkadot Cycling and Skedaddle Cycling. They were brilliantly supportive throughout the 6 day long tour, as was my husband Mark (pictured with me).

Would do it again in a heart beat, although Col du Glandon might take a bit of persuasion!

A few pictures of the trip attached. Col d’Izoard day was very very wet, and the glaciers were very ominous (I think that was Izoard anyway).

By Kathy Bailey

Kathy Bailey
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