Fortress of Suomenlinna

1st December, 2015 | Article By Wyld Family Travel

Suomenlinna  is a sea fortress built across six islands that sit in the bay just off Helsinki, Finland. When I say just off, I mean a 15-minute ferry ride to dock at Suomenlinna.

The Fortress of Suomenlinna in its day would have sat in the bay as the protector of the city – Helsinki’s last stand against invaders coming by ship. These days the only ships coming are to bring residents and tourists to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, many times each day.

The ferry ride through the calm waters of Helsinki is amazingly picturesque. As you leave the harbour you see Senate Square and the onion-domes of Uspenski Cathedral, glistening in the Nordic sun. If you are lucky enough to get a sunny day you will witness the bluest sky I think I have seen anywhere in the world.

By Wyld Family Travel

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