Sunset kayaking – Lopud, Elaphite Islands

20th October, 2015 | Article By Discrover Croatia Experience

Lopud, one of the amazing Elaphite islands, is one of the most popular islands in this area. During the day it is a peaceful oasis for tourists from all over the world but at sunset it becomes a really romantic place for everybody, for every gender and all age groups. And can you imagine how interesting and romantic it can be when you are on a kayak, with your friend, beloved, sister, brother, mother, father ..?

First we start from the most popular sandy beach on Lopud, Šunj beach. We paddle alongside the island Lopud, taking in breathtaking views, stunning cliffs and just enjoying the turquoise Adriatic Sea. This tour is relaxing and easygoing and you don’t need to be an expert in kayaking to enjoy this tour.

The sun is still up as we paddle to our stopping point. Where we will come to rest and just enjoy the sunset in silence, you can see how the sun is slowly falling down. It looks like it is going to fall behind the islands of Mljet or Šipan..or even in between these two islands. It all depends on what time of year it is.

We arrive at our point, where our excellent guide ties our kayaks together to anchor, and drops anchor into the blue sea.

Pictures speak a thousand words but this is something that everybody should see for themselves, even if just once in a lifetime.

Sun goes down, it is falling down in the sea. Nature is amazing and you can realize this in situations like these, where sea takes sun in it’s arms. Described by one word: Amazing!

By Discrover Croatia Experience

Discrover Croatia Experience

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