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17th March, 2016 | Article By Outlandish Journeys

It is with great pleasure that our first Outlander Tour collaboration of 2016 is with beautiful Castle Leod, the current Seat of Clan Mackenzie, their Chief, Earl of Cromartie, and his family.

The Earl of Cromartie has very graciously offered our Outlander Tour guests the chance to visit his picturesque home, Castle Leod (the real-life Castle Leoch), nestled in the sweeping landscape of Strathpeffer, in the Scottish Highlands. You will also receive a personally guided tour, led by the Earl of Cromartie, followed by a dram of fine malt to toast your visit…and the health of Clan Mackenzie!*

Situated near to the delightful Victorian spa village of Strathpeffer in Easter Ross, Scotland, Castle Leod is surely one of the most beautiful, romantic and unspoilt castles in the Highlands.

The castle has been lived in by the same family for well over 500 years and is the Seat of Clan Mackenzie, their Chief (Cabarfeidh), Earl of Cromartie, and his family.

The castle and family have been at the epicentre of Highland and Scottish politics, heavily involved in the Jacobite Rising of 1745 as well as other adventures that have resulted in scenarios ranging from sentences of death for High Treason, to awarding of an Earldom, from clan battles to confidante of Royalty, from near poverty to the heights of power. Nowadays the claymores are sheathed and the guns are silent.

At the heart of Castle Leod is a family home that lives and breathes history, with a very tangible connection to the historical family through their portraits which hang on the walls. Every picture, every character, has their own story. We hope everyone who visits this gracious old Castle will be inspired by its special charm.
(Text courtesy of the official Castle Leod website

We are thrilled to provide our Outlander Tour guests with this exciting addition to their journey with us and are grateful to the Earl of Cromartie for this unique opportunity. Don’t miss your chance to meet the current Chief of Clan Mackenzie and learn about the fascinating history of the Clan, Castle Leod and its many colourful inhabitants over the centuries!

We will be announcing a number of new Outlander Tour options over the next few weeks, which will be available for the 2016 season and beyond…so watch this space!

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*Please note that personal guided tours of Castle Leod is subject to the availability of the Earl of Cromartie and a supplemental charge is required. All proceeds go to the Clan Mackenzie Charitable Trust. Please contact us for details.

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