Beautiful Bungai Beach

5th January, 2016 | Article By Chang Yi

Bungai Beach is a beautiful stretch of white sandy beach from the mouth of the river Sungei Sibuti to Tusan outcrop in Sarawak, Malaysia. The beach has a few rocky parts. One portion has black rocks which jut out into the sea for about half a mile at low tide.

According to a legend, this black rock bridge was used by the ancient people to walk from Peninsular Malaya to Sarawak. In the past, on stormy nights, many boats sank in this area and villagers braved the elements to save many lives…

Bungai Homestay is found at the side of the beach next to the kampong or village. It is a fairly decent homestay run by a villager. There is also a market here, recently upgraded by the government.

Bungai Beach is one of the most popular picnic places for people from Bekenu, Miri and as far afield as Niah (about 2 hours drive away). A great idea, possibly in the offing, is to start a yoga spa and retreat to attract yoga practitioners and health conscious tourists.

The beauty and serenity of this pristine beach has led the government to make it a better place for tourists. Modern facilities like a children’s park, wash areas, a surau and a fishermen’s landing place have been constructed. Electricity has also been installed and park lights have made the area more secure.

By Chang Yi

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