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16th April, 2015 | Article By The Freediver

There are many wrecks which are suitable for diving ventures in the warm seas which surround Cyprus, Protaras is very popular but MS Zenobia is one of the best wreck dive sites in the Mediterranean Sea and the world, and it is located here in Larnaca, Cyprus.

The story goes that on May 4th 1980, Zenobia started her first journey from Malmo heading to Syria, with 104 lorries onboard all fully laden with cargo. During the trip to Athens, the captain experienced some problems with the steering system. Something was wrong with the balance of the ship and Zenobia began leaning towards the left or portside. Reports say the leaning was because the ballast tanks were filled with too much water being pumped into them. The ballast tanks were emptied and all the water was pumped out of them and the problem was solved, or at least they thought it was!

Zenobia left Athens onwards for Syria with one stop on the way at Larnaca Port in Cyprus. On June 3rd 1980, Zenobia arrived in Larnaca and the same issue with the ballast tanks appeared again. Zenobia was checked by engineers who found out that the water was still being pumped into the ballast tanks due to a malfunction in the computerised pump system, the situation got worse and Zenobia was leaning even more.

On the 4th of June, because of other shipping operations in Larnaca Port, Zenobia had to be towed approximately 2km out of the port and left at anchor with the issue remaining. All crew were removed and Zenobia was abandoned.

On June 7th 1980 at 2.30am the Zenobia sank and since then she has been resting on the bottom of the Mediterranean in 42 meters of beautiful water with its millions’ worth of vehicles and cargo.

What is in it for divers?  Marine life of Zenobia wreck: unlike other dive sites in Cyprus, Zenobia Wreck dive site is considered as a national park, so “Fishing is Not Allowed” there which means more marine life to see. This is one of the many added attractions to this amazing wreck.  Sea Bass, Sea Bream, Groupers and Barracudas are regularly seen around the wreck and occasionally we even see Amberjacks, Turtles, Moray Eels, Trigger Fish, Parrot Fish and much more…

“MS ZENOBIA” in Larnaca, Cyprus is a very interesting shipwreck for both Scuba-divers and Free-divers, from beginners to advanced (18m – 42m in depth) because it is big, well preserved, easy to descend to, easy to navigate, has many interesting things to look at and enjoy.  As a dive site, the Zenobia provides a wide range of challenges from a fairly simple dive to 16 meters depth along the starboard side of the ship (suitable for newly qualified divers); to a more advanced dive inside the upper car deck and accommodation block, and extremely adventurous dives within the lower car deck or the engine room (suitable only for very experienced divers).

You need to dive with the right professional dive team though.  We offer Scuba and Freediving trips to all divers from beginners to advanced to Zenobia Wreck. We also offer diving trips to other exciting Wreck Diving Sites in Cyprus.  We, at ‘The-Freediver’ have daily diving trips to “Zenobia Wreck”, but we accept a limited number of divers every day to assure the ease, relaxation, assistance and attention we give to each diver. Our main concern is that you have as relaxed a holiday as possible – STRESS FREE and enjoyable!

Join us in a wonderful holiday. Imagine the beautiful city of Laranca in sunny Cyprus, the warm inviting waters of the Mediterranean Sea, exciting Scuba or Freediving to a world famous wreck (or two) and being able to enjoy seeing a great variety of sea life close up. Put Cyprus on your holiday list and visit us soon!

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