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17th September, 2015 | Article By Bethan Edwards

On returning to my favourite city in the world, I wondered to myself; why do I Love Budapest? It is by far the only city in the world (and I’ve visited a fair few) that has captivated me, romanticised with me, and lured me into not just a second return, but a grand total of eight fleetingly lustful visits.

Why do I love Budapest? It stole my heart with…

  1. My favourite building in the world; Budapest’s Parliament. It’s flawless, magnificent, Gothic design is absolutely enchanting.
  2. The viewpoint from Buda Castle. This is the most relaxing spot for me. Looking out at the chain bridge, Danube and Parliament quite the spectacle.
  3. The language. It’s… Poetic, albeit rather difficult to grasp. Nonetheless, Budapest whispers to me; ‘gyere vissza!Gyere vissza!’ (Come back! Come back!) on every departure.
  4. The history. Budapest has survived a lot. Since becoming a powerful Austrian-Hungarian Empire alone, Budapest survived being in the central wrath of both world wars, invaded by Nazis and Russians. Budapest is simply in the midst of everything. For an interactive history lesson try the House of Terror. It is a museum explaining the gory history of Budapest.
  5. Café Frei. This café chain is an absolute must for coffee lovers. It sells coffees in category of country, from Japanese to American; everything.
  6. The food. From Gyümölcsleves (berry soup) to Kurtos Kalacs; Hungarian delicacies are out of this world.
  7. Boating down the Danube at night. Stand on the top deck and gaze at Parliament, the National Gallery and the Chain Bridge lit up in all of their glory at night.
  8. Unforgettable nightlife. Hungarian beer is satisfyingly cheap and as Budapest is riddled with atmospheric underground bars and pubs you’ll never have to walk far for a pint. Check out Morrison’s 2 or Instant (the biggest pub ruin in Budapest) for the city’s best nightclubs.
  9. Budapest is affordable. It’s easy to fall in love with one of the many shopping centers and markets, but most of all; the food.
  10. The relaxing days spent at the spa. The most famous in Budapest is Széchenyi thermal baths, boasting 18 indoor baths and 3 outdoor.

In order to truly get a feeling for the Hungarian culture, you have to be adventurous. Try the food, explore the museums, learn about it’s fascinating history and have a taste of Pálinka (the national drink) in a traditional underground pub!

By Bethan Edwards

Bethan Edwards
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