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13th September, 2015 | Article By Judy Kong Jing

Taiwan, Republic Of China (ROC), is officially named the Republic Of China (ROC) and is a sovereign state in East Asia. The average temperature is 18 in winter and above 30 in summer, rarely exceeding 37 degrees Celsius.

There are many great attractions to be found in Taiwan, such as Taipei 101, Sun Moon Lake, 921 Earthquake Museum and more. There are also interesting places to visit, such as the Science Museum, Taipei and Kaosiong, the International Zoo, and also a themed park.

Some great places to shop include WuFen Pu clothing market, Shilin Night Market, Yi Zhong Jie Night Market for Teenagers at Taichung, and different big supermarkets – the largest being Costco.

There is lots of delicious food on the menu, such as Da Chang Bao Xiao Chang (大肠包小肠) large and small intestines with special sauce, beef noodles, porkgeng (a thick soup with toufu), Gua-bao (a flat pao with soya sauce, belly pork and some vegetables). Also some classic drinks like tea and chocolate milk (a Taiwanese favourite with youngsters for breakfast) or the famous Taiwanese beer. Buffet restaurants are popular and there are lots to choose from including western style and steamboat buffet. One famous Chinese restaurant is Ding Tai Fung, their most popular dish is xiaolong bao (pao with meat and soup) – thoroughly delicious!

There are also many ‘out of town’ beautiful sights too, which are breathtaking.

I would love to recommend that everyone who loves to travel, tour around, eat and relax, including families, please visit Taiwan.

By Judy Kong Jing

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