In the Face of Fire!

25th April, 2016 | Article By Novi Adventure Tours

This is the other face of the Valley of Fire in Nevada State Park. If you have enough time and dare to try the unknown, it’s time to explore a small abandoned canyon. Find an alien-face shaped rock, or one resembling a bird or a dragon, let your imagination run wild!

There are several parking lots along the main road.  Just stop your car at any of them, take a look around and head toward something interesting. Do not climb if you find a steep rock or a deep canyon, bypassing is better! It’s pretty hard to get lost because the road is visible from almost everywhere if you don’t go farther than a quarter mile. This distance is plenty enough to find a few unbelievable rock formations. Always watch your step on this terrain!

Very important: Take lots of water with you! You will need for an hour, at least 0.5 litre/person. The Summer temperature late in the afternoon can be as high as 45°C (113°F) in the shade, so the best time to visit the park in the Summer months is early morning (7 am – 11 am). Later the temperature is pretty unbearable.

By Novi Adventure Tours

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