Sensational Sunsets Malaysian Style

16th March, 2015 | Article By Lesley Tan

Sunsets are beautiful wherever in the world you are, but I happen to think that Malaysia has more than its fair share. If you decide to visit Malaysia, it is an absolute MUST that you find a lovely spot with a sea view, just before sunset, arm yourself with a drink, some lovely snacks (don’t forget your camera) and enjoy.

It is important to understand that the sunsets only last for a short while so make sure you are not too late, or you will miss a wonderful spectacle!

Nice drinks include Icy Cold Tiger Beer, fresh coconut juice straight from the coconut, fresh lime, or freshly squeezed fruit juice, or how about something very different and easily available here in Malaysia, Three Sour. Three Sour is made up of lemon, lime and a preserved plum, made into an icy cold drink.

Great food or snacks to consider include delicious satay, chicken wings, fried noodles, peanuts and anchovies or for an icy dessert try Ice Kacang!

These photos are from my home here in Malaysia, MIRI – notice the variety of colours!

The beautiful  Malaysian sunsets are waiting for you. Plan a visit to Malaysia soon, you will certainly want to return.

Photos by Lesley Tan and Chang Yi.

By Lesley Tan

Lesley Tan
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