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27th September, 2017 | Article By BethP

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of holiday blues when they settle in. I’m sure that if it was possible, everybody would stay on holiday for as long as they could, but in reality people need to return to their everyday lives, and go to work to make money. If you’re somebody who knows their way around a camera and has a real eye for details, then travelling wherever you want could in fact become a reality. So many people are taking the leap and becoming a travelling photographer, so why not give it a go?  

Becoming a Travel Photographer:

There is no real secret to breaking into the world of photography, if you have little to no experience, but feel confident about your work and about using a camera, then it can quickly become the means to fund your new and exciting lifestyle. One of the best things about becoming a travel photographer, is that you can pick up work wherever you go, and have the freedom to pick and choose your own hours and workload. There is a lot of competition in the freelance market, so if you want to become a successful freelance travel photographer, then it’s important to make sure that you build up a commendable portfolio. This will consist of all of your best photographs and work, that you can share with your potential employers throughout your travels. Many people create their own website, which is a great way to digitally display your portfolio, and can be a way of attracting new employers.

Loving to travel, and also having a great eye is not always enough to make it as a successful travel photographer, you also need to have the patience to create the “perfect shot”, this could take a long time, and will require a lot of concentration. Translation: don’t expect success to fall into your lap, as this is unlikely to happen for you overnight.

How to make sure you get the job:

Think about it, every single newspaper, online news website, magazines, books, galleries etc. all use images. If you can break into this world and provide exciting images, then you can earn a lot of money in the process. Working in industries such as the advertising and design industries are where the highest paying positions are, but these spots are often reserved for people who have already proved their ability. Again, the key is to build up your travel photography and to make connections, if they like your work, then they will be sure to hire you. Like anything, photography takes time and effort, this isn’t something that happens overnight, so be prepared to exercise a lot of patience.

After you have refined your skills, exercised patience, and become acquainted with various different employers and avenues to take, it’s important to protect yourself and your photographs. Many freelance photographers make the mistake of failing to take out photography insurance, which can protect them from having their photographs stolen, or if the employer fails to pay them. Protecting your profession is equally as important as refining it, so be sure to take all of the necessary precautions before you agree to work for somebody.

Becoming a travelling photographer can open you up to new and exciting experiences and can take you to exciting destinations. Once you have refined your craft and developed contacts with the right people, then you are well on your way to living the dream of a never ending holiday. Be sure to exercise patience and to really focus on the goals you set yourself. Invest in a good quality camera and be sure to try out different shots, in different settings, at different times of the day, as this will help you to become a versatile and knowledgeable travel photographer.

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