A Place Beyond the Signs

23rd September, 2014 | Article By Henry Murray

From the busy centre of Cambridge, we rented a punt from Mill Pond and set out to find a quiet spot to enjoy a sunny, weekend afternoon.  Within 20 minutes we had passed by some of the most famous colleges of Cambridge University, as well as it’s Engineering Department building, and descended below some of the City’s most historic bridges.

After the “blast from the past” we soon found ourselves in the hidden, peaceful countryside of Grantchester Meadows, surrounded by cattle and horses, all less than 1km from the centre of Cambridge.  If a tranquil getaway is what you are looking for then there really isn’t somewhere better to release you from the stresses of everyday life; right on your doorstep.  Encompassed by fields of lush green grass, we moored the punt on the bank of the River Cam and set up camp on the river side.  Having brought plenty of food and beverages we quickly “set to” and lit the BBQ.

The return journey was just as as much fun, seeing Cambridge from an entirely different perspective.  The sound of the water swashing beside the punt evoked a certain melancholic sense of dreaminess.  However, uplifted by the sudden cheers of camaraderie from fellow punters passing us by, brought me back into the real world.  Upon arriving home we finished the afternoon with a quick pint in The Mill Pub, the perfect place to enjoy one last drink before seeing the sun set; sitting on the bank with our feet paddling in the river.

By Henry Murray

Henry Murray
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