Bitez, Bodrum

26th July, 2016 | Article By PamTravel

Summer Garden, Bitez.

Recently returned from a week at Summer Garden apartments in Bitez near Bodrum. We normally stay in Gumbet and have had days out in Bitez, so we knew a bit about the place. Chilled out is the only way to describe it.

We went self catering and the nearby supermarket had everything you could ask for at low, low prices. Giant watermelon and fruit for breakfast on the balcony. Ate out every night.

Bitez is quiet compared to other local resorts. A short walk through orange and pomegranate tree lined paths brought us to the beach. A strip of sand with hotels and restaurants running the length of it. Plenty of free beds on the beaches with no pushy hard sell from the beach bars offering drinks. Same location at night where the beds were replaced with tables and quality food on offer.

No banging music, no hard sell from the few nearby souvenir shops. A relaxing week in the sun. Anyone needing more information and possibly a booking, feel free to call  +44 (0) 1257 698021.

By PamTravel

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