Windmills – Heritage of The Netherlands

15th December, 2015 | Article By My Luxurious Vacations Blog

Zaanse Schans is one of the most beautiful places and popular tourist attractions in the Netherlands. In Zaanse Schans village you can see perfectly preserved historic windmills and houses that represent Dutch cultural heritage.

In the Zaan region, there used to be more than 600 windmills running at the same time. In 1961 the houses and windmills from the region were moved to Zaanse Schans in order to preserve them. Visitors can enjoy a real insight into this part of Dutch history, being among the famous windmills and Dutch houses; you can also go inside the windmills.

Zaanse Schans is just a few kilometers away from Amsterdam so it is easily accessible from the city. We visited Zaanse Schans by car; there is a large parking area for cars, campers and buses. Parking costs 9 EUR, entry into the historical area and clog museum is free of charge; there is a small entrance charge into the windmills.

While you are in the Netherlands, Zaanse Schans is not to be missed, a really interesting and colourful cultural heritage site to visit.

By My Luxurious Vacations Blog

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