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9th November, 2015 | Article By PamTravel

As promised, part 2 of ‘NYC things to do’ that aren’t so well documented, this time at Christmas!

As usual we stayed at the Hotel Metro on West 35th, it’s mid December and we’re half a block from Macy’s! We did the obvious thing, go see Santa. One of the locals in the hotel told us the best time was a Wednesday afternoon, after 3. So we were there. 2 fifty year olds acting like kids. There were actually more adults than kids!

Santa’s grotto takes up a whole floor and the organisation is excellent. As you queue you trail through scenes and settings of animatronics and lights to get you in the mood. Helped along by the elves, all female blond 5 footers, you get to meet the great man. I’ll not spoil it by giving any more away, but you will not regret it. The cost doesn’t matter as it’s the experience of a lifetime. The cost by the way is zero. It’s free. Big up Macy’s. I BELIEVE!

Everyone says, see a show in New York. At Christmas there’s only one, the Radio City Christmas Spectacular, featuring the Rockettes. We booked tickets in our hotel lobby. Exceptional show. Even the stage and building are breathtaking.

Christmas trees are everywhere. Big ones! There’s the well known Rockefeller tree, a big one on Wall Street near the NYSE, one in Bryant Park and another in Trump Towers. You can go up through the lobby at The Donalds and have a Starbucks while admiring the surroundings. Bryant Park has a skating rink, massive tree, Christmas market and a general feeling of happiness. It’s just east of Times Square.

It snowed when we were there the second time. In town the snow cleared in minutes, but lay on the grass in Central Park for some time. We did the obvious, a carriage ride through the park. Pick the shorter cheaper ride, better value than the longer one.

All the shops and stores decorate their windows and try to outdo each other. A great free show for all. The best tip is to get your Christmas shopping done. There are many sports shops in town selling all sorts of clothing, not just sports. Quality clothing at a good price. Throw in the exchange rate and you’re laughing.

I could go on, but it’s made me want to go back. Off to check the price.

Fancy a trip? Get in touch. If you don’t book with me, I’ll still be happy to pass on more advice and tips.

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