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29th July, 2019 | Article By Unveil Romania

Have you ever experienced a tailor-made journey, completely designed around you? Ever built your own itinerary without having to do the research by yourself? Most of all – have you ever travelled back in time?

Unveil Romania through Time Travel Tourism, a new way of travelling designed to reveal places locked in time. Enjoy a tailor-made itinerary and make the most out of your trip to Romania!

What’s included:

1. Fully customized itinerary:

We suggest, you define!

No predefined tours. A trip should be meaningful only to you or your group.

Diversity – From skiing to medieval Christmas markets or from Ice hotels to traditional inns.

Flexibility – From self-driven to private guides, or even alternate itineraries for large groups.

2. Unique concept – Time Travel Tourism

Explore medieval marvels (Past), experience modern thrills (Present) or dive into traditions (Hidden History). Better even, you can unveil the places where the 3 combine, places locked in time.

3. Expert travel advice & on trip support

Local expertise and documented suggestions. You’ll be able to make the best choices in terms of attractions/accommodation/logistics, selecting only those that truly meet your needs and travel pace.

Feel free to call us during your trip whenever you need guidance, advice or any other additional info.

4. Booking assistance & cost transparency

We’ll discuss pros & cons on hotels, car rentals etc. Once your choices are clear, we’ll handle the rest.

Cost transparency – We make the reservations, but you pay directly to the suppliers, avoiding agency fees.

5. Payment & Pricing

The cost for a full tailor-made itinerary is 40€ / trip day. Price is per group, not per person. A discount is applied for trips longer than 5 days.

Bonus! If you’re not sure if a tailor-made trip is the perfect choice, start with a FREE customized draft itinerary.

About Romania:

When was the last time you saw a real blacksmith, a woman weaving, wild horses or wood crafting? No, not as re-enactments, but practiced for a living. Aside from Romania’s modern thrills or medieval wonders, head towards the mountains and discover flourishing villages where people actually live and thrive off the land.

The kind of villages where celebrations or folk costumes still resemble those of the ancient Geto-Dacians – ancestors of today’s Romanians. Places where mouthwatering dishes are cooked only from what the land has to offer and where people are happy to welcome tired travelers or share stories about forgotten traditions.

Take the first step towards a tailor-made journey in Romania and request your FREE draft itinerary now:

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