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The old village of Abyaneh is one of the most outstanding and beautiful villages in Iran, in addition to Kandovan and Masooleh. Situated north of Isfahan on the road to Kashan city, downhill of the Karkas Mountains and on the border of the central desert of Iran, the whole village is surrounded by fruit gardens.

A distinguishing characteristic of the village is the way the houses have been constructed, one on top of another giving the appearance of a large, teetering staircase, with the yard of one house being the roof of the house below. These houses, according to tradition, are built in red clay with wooden windows and remind us of thatched houses in central parts of Iran. Most of the windows of Abyaneh houses have balconies which protrude into the alleyways. Along the narrow alleys, in front of their homes, people do their daily chores, this gives the village a spirit that makes it unique in comparison to other villages of Iran.

Abyaneh’s Historical Places:

With a temperate, mountainous climate, the benefit of the Barz-e-rood River and in close proximity to the central desert in Iran, Abyaneh has been a comfortable home for villagers to live for many ages. Abyaneh’s history dates back 1500 years ago and its past has been intertwined with Zoroastrians history. The remnants of the old temple show the story of ancient rituals of Persians and there are many other ancient monuments for tourists to see.

Nowadays there exists eleven mosques in Abyaneh. The oldest mosque is called “Masjed Ja’ameh Abyaneh” built one thousand years ago, its wooden tribune is of particular note. There are two other mosques called Barzeleh and Hajatgah that are 500 and 800 years old respectively. In addition to these historic places of worship there are the mosques of Shahzade Yahya and Shahzadeh Eysa, people recourse to them for their wishes.

The old forts around Abyaneh used to protect the village from attacks of outsiders. There are several old forts for protecting Abyaneh, application of these forts in different districts of Abyaneh village is protecting and preventing the village from outlaws.

Extracting Rose Water in Abyaneh:

During April and May, huge numbers of travellers and tourists start their adventure trip from  Abyaneh so that they can participate in the ceremony called “Golab Guiri”, when the locals extract rose water. The recommended seasons to visit this village are spring and summer, when there are proper services in place for receiving the tourists.

The People’s Clothing:

The brightly decorated clothing of the Abyaneh people is one of the main attractions of the village. Men wear loose black trousers, but the women wear cotton dresses with pretty flower patterns and colourful bands.

Accommodation in Abyaneh:

There are two hotels in Abyaneh, Abyaneh Hotel and Viona Hotel. There are also several apartments which can host travellers, some of these apartments are old buildings in the village.

On your way to Isfahan, it is recommended that you visit Abyaneh.

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