The Real Orlando

23rd September, 2015 | Article By Florida Fun Shuttle

I do love taking groups to see the real Orlando.  The one beyond the theme parks and tourist district.  We usually start by seeing the odd sites on International Drive and moving into “The City Beautiful” to take a look at Church Street Station.  Then a drive through downtown and a taste of what most would never see.  Lake Eola is an anchor in the city, a lovely oasis and a nice place to slow down the pace.

I also make sure to include a stop at the enclave of Winter Park, a city with an historic charm all its own.  Yes, this is a place for lunch, a foodie’s dream, but first it is time for the Winter Park Scenic Boat Tour!  This has been running continuously since 1938 and it is a treasure.  I can not say enough about it.  So much about Florida is water and there is no better way to see remnants of an earlier time than from the deck of a boat.  After lunch and a stroll, it is time to cap off this area with a stop at the Morse Museum.

The final port of call is always something special that I like to tailor to the group, maybe some special Craft Beer!  Sharing the city with people is always so much fun.

By Florida Fun Shuttle

Florida Fun Shuttle
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