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22nd January, 2015 | Article By The Freediver

I live in Larnaca on the beautiful Mediterranean island of Cyprus and I run ‘The-Freediver Diving School’ there, where we teach people to Scuba-Dive and Freedive from absolute beginners to advanced.  I am from Egypt but Cyprus is like my second home and diving is my way of living and life!

I am an Egyptian Freediving athlete and the current Egyptian national record holder of all Freediving pool disciplines.  I was awarded a Gold medal in the AIDA Cyprus Pool Games competition 21-04-2013, for first place in Static discipline.  I have a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education with diving experience since 2002.  I am also the first and only Egyptian AIDA instructor and the first Egyptian SSI Freediving Instructor and was the first SSI Freediving Instructor in Cyprus. Together with my qualifications, love of the ocean, love of diving AND love of Cyprus, I believe I have one of the best jobs in the world!

Cyprus is indeed a beautiful island and under the sea surrounding Cyprus is no exception! Diving for us is not just a job it is the way that we teach people how to take away the stresses and the strains of everyday life, and how to relax underwater.  We pass on our passion for the underwater world through teaching the true knowledge of Scuba-Diving and Freediving and letting people discover new abilities within themselves as they have never experienced before.

My job is especially fulfilling as I am working in my dream job. I love the sea, I love the fish and marine-life, I love the feeling of stress-free surroundings, being able to share this with my students and taking them to visit another world, a magical underwater world, rather than the stressful normal one we all live in.  In our business we are very aware of the value of a relaxing holiday in people’s lives, so, we strive to make their time with us enjoyable and precious.

The variety of things to do and the safety of the island make Cyprus a very attractive island to visit again and again, as it has such a lot to offer!  The crystal clear warm sea makes Scuba-diving and/or Freediving some of the best activities you can enjoy during your holiday in Cyprus,  as well as numerous other water sports.  Besides the sea, Cyprus has a very attractive range of mountains as well, “Troodos Mountains” where you can explore traditional Cypriot villages, fresh water streams and waterfalls, and where the amazing views will give you great unforgettable memories.  If this is not enough, the opportunity to try out some awesome traditional Cypriot cuisine will get you hooked.

What makes Cyprus special too, is how easy it is to navigate and move around this amazing island.  There are very nice hotels with special services and amenities for families with kids.  All this choice makes Cyprus one of the best places for an enjoyable holiday for all family members of different ages and interests.

Fortunately, we are based in Larnaca, which is an excellent city to stay in because it has all the amenities you could possibly need, plus its location is at the heart of some of the best places to visit in Cyprus, 40min approx. from Ayia Napa – Protaras – Nicosia – Limassol, plus it has one of the world’s most famous shipwreck dive sites which is called “Zenobia”, which attracts thousands of divers every year to come to Cyprus to dive down to this great site.

We offer dive trips to the best dive sites in the area starting from Zenobia all the way to the Cavo Greko area, other areas include Protaras and Ayia Napa.  It gives us great satisfaction to see the looks on the faces of our student divers when they come into close contact with the fish, even feed the fish and wonder at the beauty of the ocean-life when they learn to Scuba-Dive or Freedive with us and see a new world beneath the ocean. The true meaning of relaxation is down there.

‘Greetings!’ from sunny Cyprus to all of you, and hope to see you here soon!

By The Freediver

The Freediver
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