Miri Crocodile Farm and Mini Zoo

10th June, 2015 | Article By Judy Kong Jing

Miri Crocodile Farm and Mini Zoo. This is a park that is full of crocodiles and is also a mini zoo that is located in Kuala Baram, Miri, Malaysia.

I went to the park with my mum. We drove there and arrived at the park at around 11:00 am. When we arrived it was already full of visitors. We bought our tickets and it cost us RM 36.00 and they put our ticket bands on our wrists. We went into the park and started our tour.

First we saw some baby pythons in a small tank and then in a large water tank we saw two piranhas, followed by the amazing Alligator Snapping Turtle and some tortoises.

An announcement told us there would be a crocodile feeding show soon. So we went to the chalet to see it. That day, the man threw more than 10 dead chickens to those hungry crocodiles. Quite a show!

After the show we went to see some birds, there are lots of cute and beautiful birds there: hornbills, parrots, sparrows, owls and lots more. We also saw some snakes and some hamsters too, and there was a big cage with 3 big black flying foxes (bats) hanging upside down.

Then we visited the goats, horses, deer, rabbits and some cows. We bought some food to give to them and when they saw the food, they all got very excited and started fighting each other for it.  We went to visit the monkeys and bought some bananas for them too. They loved them so much. Then we saw some prickly porcupines.

Last,we saw the sun bears, they are very cute and clumsy. I gave them some bananas but they didn’t like them!

We took a rest and had our Maggie curry noodles at the canteen and drank coconut juice. We finished our snacks and went to the exit door, took off our ticket bands and threw them into a big tank. This was the end of a very enjoyable day out for my mum and me. A great place for kids and adults alike!

By Judy Kong Jing

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