Multi sport from Dubrovnik to Zagreb

19th August, 2015 | Article By Discrover Croatia Experience

We just have to share with you our latest adventure in Croatia, when we enjoyed lots of activities: rafting, canoeing, hiking, walking, kayaking and at the end of the day, relaxing. We have just come back from our trip from Dubrovnik to Zagreb, visiting natural heritage Plitvice waterfalls, enjoying rafting on Cetina river and canoeing on Mrežnica river, kayaking on Elaphite islands and eating plenty of delicious Croatian food.

As a cherry on top, we visited Zagreb, its city centre, Jarun lake, and Sljeme, from where you can see the whole city of Zagreb. We don’t want to write too much about it, we would like you to take a look at our photos and join us on our next tour to get that experience for yourself. Enjoy!

By Discrover Croatia Experience

Discrover Croatia Experience

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