Indian Summer

15th January, 2015 | Article By Cass

Bursting with people, colours and aromas.  At first the heat, humidity and the overcrowding of people are definitely an assault on one’s senses.  I am more used to the quiet of the English countryside, but after a while your eyes, nose and ears start to take in the vibrancy that surrounds you and you begin to appreciate all that India has to offer.

The Taj Mahal is around a three to four hour coach journey from Delhi and is a truly magnificent building.  The craftsmanship and the dedication of the workers and the years spent building this Mausoleum can only be truly understood when you are standing in front of it.  It is worth getting the photographers to take the picture of you at the front of the Taj Mahal, I didn’t, and was so disappointed with the way my own one turned out.

We travelled from Delhi to Mumbai (formerly Bombay) by train, with hindsight, I would probably prefer to have taken an internal flight, as it was exhausting.  Mumbai is twice as busy as Delhi and although I did struggle with the pollution, the sights make up for any discomfort you might feel.  Eating out is easy as there is an abundance of places to eat at every turn.  There are some amazing restaurants where the food is just delicious, but it does take time for your system to adjust to all the spices and a completely different diet, however the flavours you are presented with make it worthwhile.

We flew on to Goa for a few days respite from all the hustle and bustle of the overcrowded cities and we enjoyed our time relaxing at this popular beach resort before heading back to Delhi.  Goa’s beaches are glorious and there are plenty of water sports to enjoy and again the markets are full of trinkets and crafts and the most beautiful sarongs made of silk.

I found the Indian people to be friendly, accommodating and always willing to please.  I loved the shopping everywhere, either in the cities or at the markets and there are markets everywhere.  The silver is so much cheaper than in the UK and whether it is jewellery or home goods you are after, there are many beautiful and unusual pieces to tempt you.  The carpets with their rich colours are well made and the prices reasonable.  I filled an extra suitcase of goods and shipped it home by cargo!

I just loved India, everything about it just leaves you wanting more.

By Cass

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