No Rain No Gain

1st July, 2014 | Article By David Murray

The Rainforest Cafe, Shaftesbury Avenue, is a themed cafe/restaurant, designed to look like a Rainforest. The atmosphere is humid, as you would expect it to be, with what looks and feels and sounds just like a real Jungle.

Cleverly camouflaged in places, there are various animatronics, often moving when you don’t expect them to, coupled with the sound that resembles that particular animal.  I remember the sound of thunder going off, which actually felt like the real thing, even the seats seemed to move.  Great fun, the noises are pretty loud and could be a bit scary for very young children, depends on how fearless your little adventurers are.

In terms of food, the menu is in the popular family restaurant style, because we all like chicken nuggets/pizza and chips, but then you’re not here for a gourmet feast, you are here because you want to eat in the jungle!  It is different, and if in London with kids this will be one of your more memorable meals out for sure.

The shop, as you leave the restaurant, is worth a look over but keep an eye on what the children are placing in the shopping bag, as this soon adds up.   A  typical meal for two adults and two children under twelve is going to set you back about £80, together with an extra £20 in the shop, it is not the cheapest burger and chips, but certainly a unique dining experience.

By David Murray

David Murray
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