A Special Birthday – Korean Style

9th November, 2015 | Article By Judy Kong Jing

Korean cuisine is one of the latest cuisines popular in the world; most people love to eat Korean barbecue and steamboat, with their special soup and special grill sauce. Favourite soups include ginseng chicken and tom yam. Older folk seem to prefer the ginseng soup as it is perfect for people who don’t like spicy food.

The latest restaurant to open here in Miri is Seoul Garden, which is located in Permaisuri Imperial Mall. This restaurant serves different kinds of vegetables and meats; specially prepared meats include coffee chicken and coffee beef. They also offer different kinds of fried food and sushi and serve a variety of ice cream and our local iced dessert, ABC.

I went here recently with my mum and my godmother. It was a special occasion as it was my godmother’s birthday.

I ate lots of curry chicken, curry squid, a hot dog and black pepper fish. My mum ate lots of different vegetables: broccoli, green pepper, pumpkin, cauliflower and bitter gourd. My godmother tried lots of different meats, vegetables and fried food, but her favourite was the black pepper fish and coffee beef. She says it is so nice and is very special in taste. For the drinks, you can choose cold or hot. I chose apple tea and 7 up. My mum and my god mother had the lemonade drink. They also had some fried food such as wedges with mustard and fried noodles with prawns in special sauce. I had the fried chicken wings with corn, it tasted a bit weird to me.

After, your main meal, you can try the fruits. The fruits available depend on what was bought by the restaurant on that day. We had watermelon and honeydew melon.

It was so nice to try some unusual flavours. I’ll be back for a taste of some of the different kinds of meat that I haven’t yet tried.

I would recommend trying Korean cuisine, in particular the special sauce for the grilled food.

By Judy Kong Jing

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