Got To Leave Old Durham Town

24th March, 2015 | Article By Lesley Tan

Durham City, County Of Durham (in the north east of England) is built around the base and way up to the top of a high hill. The River Weir runs quite a way round the base and this means plenty of walks to enjoy, and spectacular views!

If you arrive by train, get off at Durham Station, which is built high up, cross the road and start taking beautiful scenic photos from a deliberately convenient platform.  From this point you can see almost the whole of beautiful Durham.

Start the walk down the steep hill to the outskirts of the city and you will probably want to take photos all the way down, as I do.  We make day trips here most years and never get tired of it.  Cross the River Weir by a lovely bridge and there are more beautiful photo opportunities of the river.  You will then be in the part of the city where the roads start to rise steeply.  On the way up you will pass many shops, attractions and restaurants with a few flights of steps leading back down to the picturesque river and an old market place.

Continue your ascent and maybe take a small break in “The Most Haunted Pub” in England! Although the bartender had a smoking break outside and left us alone in the pub, AND we dared each other to go into the toilets, we didn’t meet any ghosts!

As you reach the top there is a final corner to turn and then the wonderful sight of Durham Cathedral and Castle meets your eyes. The Castle is used for functions and the massive Cathedral is still in use as a House of God.  The Cathedral is very old and we have spent many a happy day exploring the inside, entry is free of charge.

We usually take a pleasant walk back using the pathways down to the riverside where we find another quaint pub or restaurant to relax in before we head home, or we may opt to stay in a cosy B & B to finish off our visit, even if our train ride back to Newcastle takes only 12 minutes!

“I’ve got to leave Old Durham Town” and “the leaving’s gonna get me down” – words from the hit song Durham Town by Roger Whittaker – always make me think of this place and my dad loved the song and the city, so it really brings happy memories for me.

This beautiful, city, steeped in history, is well worth a visit at least once in your life but I’ll bet once you have seen it you will want to return, so put it on your “Bucket List”.

By Lesley Tan

Lesley Tan
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