Goblin Valley

19th December, 2015 | Article By Novi Adventure Tours

Goblin Valley is a State Park of Utah, USA. A really unique, small, and not particularly well known area; geological features 170 million years old, with thousands of quite astonishing hoodoo rock formations.

The ‘goblins’ so called by natives, are the mushroom or orb shaped rocks; pinnacles with hats on, some more than 30 feet high. The special shape of these rocks comes from the erosion they have endured. The harder rock hat protects the softer hoodoo body from the erosion.

The Park is approached from Utah State Road 24, located in the San Rafael Desert. Near the park there is a pretty slot canyon named Little Wild Horse Canyon, really worth exploring! A word of caution, there can be flash flooding in this extraordinary area of outstanding beauty.

Closest National Parks to Goblin Valley: Capitol Reef, the Arches, Canyonlands and Bryce Canyon. The closest settlement to Goblin is Hanksville (32Mi.).

Photographers! The hoodoos are most beautiful at late afternoon before sunset.

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