Fashion design at the Victoria & Albert

25th May, 2015 | Article By Cass

The very popular Alexander McQueen Exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum, was the highlight of my Bank Holiday weekend. Definitely worth braving the crush of the crowds if you have a passion for fashion, some absolutely, inspirational designs on display.  I couldn’t resist buying the book and postcards from the museum shop for my niece who came with me, she was so excited and amazed by it all, I’m sure she will treasure them.

We had a cup of tea in the cafe with a huge slice of cake and took photos of the wonderful lighting and ceiling in the dining hall.  There is a nice courtyard garden too with a water feature where you can sit for a while, which adds to the charm of this particular museum.

Always interested in design and not just in the world of fashion, another item that caught my eye was an old oak staircase from a house in Morlaix, northern France. I thought that spiral stairs were a relatively modern design, but this one dates back to 1522-30, so it just goes to show what you can learn if you get yourself out and about.

By Cass

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