Kuala Baram Wetlands

6th April, 2015 | Article By Chang Yi

The water logged marshland, 30 km outside the city of Miri where I live, creates a beautiful sanctuary for migrating birds from China, Taiwan and from as far away as Siberia.

Small islands of plant life pop up in the marshland giving birds, ducks and other wildlife a place to make their nests. Photographers would scan these little islands to spot birds. However during the dry season, the water level will be lowered and more of these little islands would emerge.

In my photos you will see some white tree fungi, the indigenous people would know which are edible as not all are. Food is plentiful in the wetlands like fish, fungi, mushrooms and wild vegetables. So conservation of this area would mean special research opportunities to improve and increase our pool of global food knowledge.

After more than 8 months of rainy season and water logged conditions many trees get drowned and give some parts a very eerie feel. But the branches give space for migratory birds to rest and are good targets for photographers to point their cameras at.

A prawn farm owned by a big company is sighted in the distance.

An interesting dug out which a fisherwoman would use to row out into the lake to collect her fish caught in the nets, actually it is not made from a log but a huge styrofoam box, very creative.

By Chang Yi

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