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23rd July, 2014 | Article By David Murray

Where does one eat in a City where there are thousands of restaurants?  Good question. Sometimes a recommendation is often the best endorsement and the reason why I decided to try a trendy upmarket restaurant, just a short taxi ride from the city centre.

With the majority of the clientele being wealthy city workers and foreigners, I was beginning to think this could be an expensive night out. The menu was vast, offering an extensive array of authentic dishes from in and around Shanghai, with an amazing selection of European wines to compliment the food.  Apart from the meal, which was just the best, the other reason I loved this place so much was the way in which I was received on arrival and throughout my time there.  The manager, a guy called Zen, made me feel extremely welcome and helped me choose some of my dishes.  He was also very knowledgeable about the wine being served.  He really was genuinely warm in his approach.

The biggest surprise was when I asked for the bill, it was a third cheaper than I was expecting.  I ate in Lynn’s Restaurant for five of my seven days in this fantastic city, a great testament to the quality of this eatery.  So if you are ever in Shanghai don’t forget to pay Zen and his team a visit.

By David Murray

David Murray
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