Crouching Tiger, Hidden Beauty

2nd February, 2016 | Article By Tansuo Cultural Travel

The Mukeng Bamboo Forest

If you’ve ever seen Ang Lee’s martial arts epic Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, you’ll surely remember the iconic fight scene that takes place in (or should we say on!) a bamboo forest. What you may not know is that this scene was filmed deep within the Mukeng Bamboo Forest of Anhui province. While most film sets in China turn into crowded tourist destinations seemingly overnight, Mukeng has remained as obscure as the day it was first discovered. Compared to most Chinese attractions, it is breathtakingly peaceful, particularly when you consider it is only a short 15-minute drive away from the popular ancient village of Hongcun.

As the sun rises and cascades off of the jade pillars of bamboo, the villagers of Mukeng awake to another quiet day spent tending to their crops. Since the area has yet to be fully developed for tourism, the bamboo forest remains a tranquil place where visitors can get lost in a sea of lush greenery. As you climb through the dense thickets of bamboo, you’ll come across many charming pavilions, bubbling brooks, and miniature waterfalls. Though the climb is steep, you’ll be rewarded at the top with a breath-taking panoramic view of the surrounding countryside and many of the ancient villages that populate it.

The hike itself takes approximately two hours and there are a small handful of restaurants in Mukeng Village, which make for an ideal pit-stop if you’re feeling peckish. Currently no tourist buses or public transport run to the bamboo forest, so you’ll have to take a taxi or rent a bicycle to get there. It may not be one of the most well-known attractions in Anhui, but skipping it would mean missing out on some of the finest natural beauty that the province has to offer. So be sure to channel your inner Shaolin monk and make time for this remarkable place!

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By Tansuo Cultural Travel

Tansuo Cultural Travel

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