5 Life Changing Essentials for Interrailing

19th September, 2018 | Article By Richard Meadow

Travelling around Europe is one of the best journeys you can experience. Being able to see first-hand completely different cultures within a few hours is one of the greatest things about Europe, but there are some issues to consider before you start packing.

Depending on you interrail ticket, you can travel around the majority of Europe for a set price, but some countries or particular train lines do require a booking fee to make sure that you travel the correct journey route. Other than money, there are some essentials you should consider taking with you, before making the trip:

Travel Pillow

It might seem like something you can buy last minute at the airport, but a good travel pillow isn’t just the U-shape cushion you see in the shops. You can purchase scientifically manufactured travelling pillows to help with resting correctly in an upright position. A lot of people go on their journey without any thought of necessary travelling comforts, but it’s something that you will soon realise you’ll need. The trips are long and to avoid feeling sleep deprived at your next destination, having a travel pillow that you can easily store away is key to an enjoyable journey.

Travel Card

The days of carrying large amounts of cash and traveller’s cheques are over. Taking travel debit card is the safest way to travel, and it’s straightforward to use. The card can be sent funds at any time from your current account by using your phone, so if you think you’ll spend €100 over the next two days, you can transfer that amount onto the card and use it as you would your standard debit card. This way if your card is robbed, you only lose a small amount of your overall funds, and as an extra incentive, the exchange rate tends to be better than the majority of conventional banks.


It’s not the most novel essential in this article, but it’s something that can be forgotten. When travelling through some countries, the train you use may not be as up to date as you are used to, which means charging plugs aren’t available. Having a power bank to keep your tablets and phones charged will keep you both entertained and able to stay connected to friends and family if you need to speak to someone.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

After everything previously mentioned, it’s fairly obvious why you would need a pair of good quality headphones. Loaded trains, loud passengers, noisy streets and budget accommodation are all part of the experience of travelling around Europe and you may find you use them more then you think  if you want to get some sleep.


Whether you’re going in the summer, winter or anything in between, Europe has some of the most unpredictable weather, so a small raincoat might make for a useful item more than once. Being wet all day might not seem like the worst thing in the world, but it can disrupt your sightseeing if you have to head back to the hostel to get changed. Put it at the bottom of your backpack and fingers crossed you won’t need to take it out.

By Richard Meadow

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