Colours of Mauritius

19th August, 2015 | Article By Veevegen Travel

Mauritius is also known as the Paradise Island in the indian Ocean. The people of Mauritius are a multi racial population of nearly 1.2 million and will always welcome tourists with a smile.

Chamarel  7 Coloured Earth –  the 7 Coloured Earth is located in Chamarel village and attracts thousands of visitors each year.  It is believed in this village that an Alien aircraft landed here, thus explaining the different colours of the earth.

Dolphin watching in the Bay of Tamarin – Dolphins have elected domicile in the Bay of Tamarin in Mauritius. It has been observed that although many visitors go there to see them, the dolphins seems to appreciate this activity, as their numbers are increasing every year.

Rochester Falls in the south of Mauritius – it appears that the sculpted rock has been tailored by man, this is not the case, this beautiful piece of work has been carved by Nature.  The Island is of volcanic origin and following several eruptions this magnificent waterfall has been created – the awesome work of Nature!

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