Chasing Winter Sun

25th November, 2018 | Article By Curated Life Studio

Since moving from tropical Queensland in Australia to the north of France, I feel as if I haven’t seen the sun let alone my own skin for weeks. Before my trip I imagined clear blue skies and picnics beneath the Eiffel Tower; unfortunately the ever approaching winter weather has offered me no such fortune.

Woollen blankets, hot chocolates and comforting stews have become a daily necessity, as has my need to escape and indulge in a winter’s respite. To frolic barefooted on white sandy beaches, to feel the sun’s gentle caress on my cheeks, to devour ice-creams and fresh seafood while listening to the ocean’s melody.

Of course there are travel destinations like The Maldives or Bora Bora but I need something closer where I can escape on a whim for the weekend. Luckily I have found the perfect location, a Catalan town known as Collioure.

Close to the border of Spain in southern France, Collioure is a Mediterranean port neighbouring the Pyrenees Mountains. Streets adorned with colourful and unique architecture, pristine waters, quaint art shops and an abundance of restaurants to indulge in the local cuisine!

My recommendations:

EAT | One of my favourite dining experiences while visiting the region was at a small intimate Catalan Bistro, Casa Leon. Their set menu offers an assortment of fresh local seafood and wine (Casa Leon | 2 Rue Rière, Collioure).

SHOP | What better souvenir than the regional specialty, anchovies preserved in oil, vinegar and salt (Roque Anchovies | 17 rte Argelès, Collioure).

EXPLORE | Enjoy the diverse Cap Béar Hike (10.8km) filled with breath-taking coastal views, private beaches, WW2 ruins, and rolling vineyards.

Visiting Collioure is a delightful treat especially in the cooler months! Where do you escape to?

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