Can you go on Safari while Cruising?

17th July, 2017 | Article By do you cruise?

Choosing to go on a cruise opens up a world of possibilities. It can take you places you never thought of going and you can experience things that you have always dreamed of. Cruising can also offer a much more affordable way to go to places and experience things that you may not be able to by booking a holiday to just one destination.

So while I’m speaking about experiences you can have that you may not have every day, I recently visited South Africa and was lucky enough to go on Safari while I was there. So this got me thinking. Is it possible to go on safari while you are on a cruise? Well, the answer is yes!

The best option is booking a cruise that stops in South Africa, Cape Town preferably. Then you can book an excursion or even arrange it yourself, to go to a game reserve and go on Safari. There are a few different options. But these ones from P&O and Cunard seem to offer some really good trips.

Most of the Game Reserves are at least 2 hours from Cape Town, but that means that it’s more than achievable in a day. You would normally take a coach or private taxi from Cape Town to the reserve. It will be an early start as you will need to be at the Game Reserve in the morning to get the best chance of seeing all the animals. The Safari normally take 2-3 hours. Once you have been on Safari, lunch is provided at an onsite restaurant and then you can relax by the pool for an hour before heading back into Cape Town to board your ship.

It really is an amazing experience and one that I would definitely recommend if you ever have that chance. If you are taking a cruise which stops in Cape Town then this is the one excursion that I would definitely recommend you take.

If you are thinking of booking a cruise then read my tips here to help you. Or if you have cruised before but want some ideas for your next cruise, check out my bucket list.

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