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21st July, 2014 | Article By David Murray

Having toured around quite a large part of Europe over the years,  travelling round France in a motorhome has probably been one of my most enjoyable journeys.  Using the motorway networks, stopping at the many aires along the way, always seems so civilised.  Not only are the facilities clean and tidy, but the quality of the food is not bad either.

One of the reasons I love driving in France is because of the space unlike the overcrowded roads of England, and parking a large Motorhome is never a problem, we have always managed to find a quiet spot to park up for the night, when we have run out of time trying to find a campsite.

The flexibility one gets from touring around with your home on wheels is brilliant; washing, sleeping, and eating wherever you stop, is so easy.  The only down side is when you want to drive into the village for the odd meal out, or visit places of interest, when the access is unknown and may be difficult, you have to take the vehicle with you and this is often where the problems arise.  Low level bridges, arches, trees, narrow streets, etc., although there is a solution – towing a trailer, carrying a small vehicle on the rear.  You can then leave your motorhome at the campsite and explore in your little car.

I, myself, am more than happy to while away the hours, motoring along, however, the fantastic onboard facilities go a long way to help entertain the passengers and pass the time, as the children can travel along watching their favourite movies, or have a game of cards around the table.  Much more pleasurable than crammed in the back seat of a car, surrounded by luggage piled high around them.

Many people dive head first into buying a motorhome, which can be very expensive, if you do not end up using them as much as you thought you would.  If you are considering buying one of these beauties, my advice would be to rent one a couple of times before investing in a purchase, otherwise Bon Voyage!

By David Murray

David Murray
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