5 Things to do in Arkansas

7th June, 2016 | Article By Wander With Jo

If you are heading towards Arkansas, you can be sure of enjoying a great vacation. Moreover, the best part is that you can look forward to a great vacation destination which is minus the big price tag. This is just the perfect place to enjoy a budget-friendly vacation with family or friends, which is lighter on your pocket but not short of free and great options to enjoy during your holiday both outdoors and indoors. Arkansas boasts loads of attractions and many of those simple but fun things to do come for free.

Here are the 5 top attractions to explore while you are in Arkansas:

  1. Buffalo National River for wilderness and nature
    Buffalo National River is America’s first national river. Its towering limestone bluffs and unpolluted, free-flowing crystalline waters are sure to wow you with its natural beauty and wilderness areas. The River lies in a protected area and runs through the Ozark Mountains. This is a great spot for horse riding and hiking. The awe-inspiring natural beauty will keep you spellbound for hours. Explore plenty of trails for hiking and great spots for camping.
  2. Loads of water at Mammoth Spring State Park
    Mammoth Spring is the largest spring of Arkansas, and here, you get to see lots of water with a flow of nine million gallons of water every hour! It is home to one of the largest springs in the USA. Enjoy exploring Frisco Railroad caboose and a restored 1886 train depot in the Mammoth Spring State Park.
  3. Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art for art lovers
    If you love exploring other cultures and works of art, then head straight for Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. Do not miss the chance to see the natural beauty of the area and the various exhibitions of some stunning artworks on display. The museum, set in stunning grounds, offers one the rare opportunity to access both permanent and temporary exhibits. The collection of artwork in the museum dates back five centuries. Crystal Bridges Museum remains a great attraction for lovers of arts and culture.
  4. Crater of Diamonds State Park for diamond seekers
    The Crater of Diamonds State Park is the solitary source of natural diamonds in the United States. It is a short drive from Murfreesboro and is located in southwestern Arkansas. There is a museum and water playground in the park. More than 70,000 diamonds have been tapped on the site. The famous park has a 37.5 acre field where the visitors can try their luck, looking for diamonds and other stones and gems. On average, two diamonds are reported to be found every day by visitors. Diamond Discovery Center provides an explanatory look for those looking for diamonds.
  5. Mount Magazine State Park for outdoor enthusiasts
    Mount Magazine State Park is a much sought after tourist destination known for its hiking trails, campgrounds, pavilion, picnic area and lots more. The park is just ideal for nature lovers and those who love being in the outdoors. If you are a sports and extreme adventure enthusiast, then this is just the right location to head for. Enjoy biking, horseback riding, rock climbing and a lot more at Mount Magazine State Park.

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